It’s been quiet around here since posting the last few chapters of The Bioroboticist. You may be wondering, what’s next?

Well, there’s a spin-off! It revolves around the ICNS and revisits many of the characters we’ve met in The Bioroboticist.

It’s still in editing stages, behind a couple more projects I’m working on (read my webcomic!). I’ll keep you posted! In the meantime, here’s a little synopsis information, and stay tuned for a preview of the first chapter next Monday!

Find me on Instagram for updates and art stuff. Concept art for this story is logged under #snDragonfly.

One of my big goals since 2022 has been to get more of my work out into the world, instead of sitting on it and waiting around trying to do it “the right way.” I’ve loved finally being able to share these books with you.

Thanks for reading! ❤



The resistance is advancing. The government has issued blood tests in every high school across the nation and a socially awkward teen named Patrick Everhart tests positive for latent superhuman abilities. The genes are rare, and with only five other kids, Patrick is unwillingly shipped off to a specialized military facility for anti-rebel task force training. He must embrace it to protect his loved ones, but while each of his new teammates’ abilities is more powerful than the last, Patrick is horrified to discover his own genes simply produce a growth spurt and an extra pair of arms. However, keeping up with his teammates soon becomes the least of his concerns. When the rebellion makes a ruthless counterstrike to get ahead of the fight, he and his sabotaged teammates’ role within the military begins to change, and timid, four-armed Patrick must make an impossible decision as his faith in compliance begins to break.

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